I'm Joylin

I’d like to thank you for taking an interest in my life and my work. I hope my digital home will be an inspiration and an invitation to you to join me in any aspect of my work that speaks to your life, health, heart, and especially your desire to move toward your most divine wellbeing. 

It’s in my DNA to strive for a life of purpose and meaning, but as we all know, your passion and purpose can take you down many roads. Sometimes when you do find your way, the path can change, leaving you start all over again.

My own wellness journey has been full of harrowing twists and turns. At times, I have felt certain, and then uncertain.  Powerful and powerless. In all that time scientific research has leap forward to support and guide the alternative path. Throughout it all, one thing has always been constant: My strong believe in divine intelligence and our bodies innate ability to heal itself with the tools.  I believe my destiny is to make a difference and to serve with joy to my family, my community and to the world.

When you allow your experience to be your teacher, you can elevate your expectation that a wonderful life including health & wealth is always available you can live into that consciousness.

What you will Discover

You will discover how our bodies are brilliantly alive because of our unique biochemistry.  There is amazing and exciting life coursing through you in fact approxamity sixty thousand miles of blood vessels  brilliantly make up you!  Your body is producing 25 million new cells each and every second. There are more intricate connections in your brain than there are stars in the galaxy above. You are so intricately and profoundly made that every meal, every bite of food influences how we feel, react and experience life. Your cells exist for one purpose to help you thrive and become the highest version of you.

Bottom line, my energy and passion is built on being healthy. For many years I was Not!  That being said I also love to wonderful relationships, conversations and I love to eat!   In my situation, I discovered that  Autoimmunity,  Lyme & Hashimoto’s disease like every other disease is an autoimmune response that begins the same way every other one does… in the gut. Our gut houses our immune system and the gut integrity is crucial to whether or not we develop autoimmunity. Basically what goes on in our gut determines our lifespan. Giving our gut healing foods that both help heal the gut itself and give our body proper nutrients is crucial to achieving health with autoimmunity!

How is our protocols different? 

If you feel as though you’ve already tried many different protocols and modalities to improve your health, but have found you’re still not where you had hoped to be, there’s good reason. Conventional  medicine see the majority of chronic health conditions as somehow being the fault of the human body.  Have you noticed that when the Medical community doesn’t know exactly what’s happening and how to treat your condition, it often becomes your genetic fault?

The Outdated Approaches to Looking at Illness

Here are  examples of outdated approaches that may have been holding you back from healing

This is, of course, the idea that the body has turned against itself and is attacking different organs, glands, and joints in the body. Research shows  this is outdated information and couldn’t be further from the truth. This gives us the opportunity to treat the symptoms that’s at the heart of the issue, which will allow the body to heal once and for all.

Faulting your Genetics.

The belief that you came into the world with faulty genes, or that some sort of trigger has switched on bad genes. Once again, this makes your chronic health issue the fault of your own body. Our genes are not to blame. There are outside pathogens and toxins that are directly connected to the dramatic rise in today’s chronic health issues and passed down through our family lines. It’s vital that we don’t waste time placing the burden on our genetics.

Labeling your symptoms with a diagnosis.

Often times we hope a diagnosis will be the end of our suffering and the beginning of the solution. However, this is rarely the case. More often than not, a diagnosis still leaves you confused about your symptoms and the necessary steps that lead to healing. We don’t believe that medicating symptoms based on a diagnosis is a real solution. We encourage you to  live bigger!

You created or manifested your illness.

One of the current circulating trends is that we’ve brought these conditions on ourselves by not being cheerful enough or by suppressing negative emotions.

Anyone who’s suffered from chronic illness can personally attest to  at first thought in the middle of devastating symtpms this can somewhat insulting.  Healing with this protocol does frequently improve not only your physical body but your soul and spirit as well. However, no one is sick because they’ve manifested it intentionally.  No one wishs themselves to be chronically ill.  There are so many threads  woven into the fabric of wellness. Forgive yourself, It is not your fault. It is the beginning of "Discovery"

This protocol is radically different than what you’ve tried because we address what lies at the core of today’s unique health challenges. 

Discovery is how to guide the body back to health by removing all foods, lifestyle choices that are feeding the viral and bacterial issues. Discovery is learning how to boosting the immune system so it can gain the ability to turn on its own healing ability and use its natural pharmacy again.  Your own body will begin to detoxify, replenish deficiencies and you nourish it with natural nutrigenomics.  Understanding simple bio-hacks that schientifically begin to  cool the fires of  inflammation.  You are designed for wellness and I know a full life is within your reach.


Now, it’s always important to stress that food alone is not the total key or the magic bullet!  Yes, I said it. Food glorious food is not the total thing. It seriously cannot fix everything just like it’s not the one thing that caused the problem. 

Food provides the nutrients and it’s one of the few things that we can actually control, but it’s just a piece of it. For me and most, Addressing  STRESS, emotional trauma, grief, digestion, begin heal my gut. Next focusing on our adrenals, minerals, blood sugar,  addictions and the like before we could every really make a real dent reducing  symptoms and make progress on the wellness path. If you are not nourishing your mind you are not nourishing your cells!

Safety first you have to work one on one with a medical doctor to really address  Lyme, Hashimoto’s… or any other autoimmunity.  Food is just one piece of the puzzle for a healthy lifestyle.

Full Disclosure, aside that food won’t solve all of your problems, it will help tremendously! I always say that my number one biggest change in my health came from diet and it’s true. It gave me the most results within weeks and really, it makes sense. Food can either be super inflammatory, or it can provide our body with nutrients needed to do its job correctly!  That being said I Love to make delicious beautiful food which bring people together.  When my clients and friends started asking me what can I bring to a party when I am "trying to be good" began the process.  As someone who experienced many years of  illness I studied extensively how to be wholly you, holistically you and thrive.   You are spectacular and beautiful made. Your amazing body thanks you for every loving  choice you make in every decision.   Food is so powerful that it can be medicine or your poison! It should not be your after thought. It's ironic that nutrition is such a low priority for mainstream media and medicine since just a a starting point 80 percent of the most common chronic diseases are almost always preventable and reversible. However just because something is common does not mean it is normal. Chronic inflammation is a real health problem and lifestyle choices are the common factor. The way to stop symptoms is to discover the underlying beginning of the health issues.  

Typically doctors will match symptoms to a diagnosis and write a medication prescription.  Symptoms  are suppressed for a time until another begins and another.  By then many prescritions later you you still have not reached the cause or root of the problem. There is a more sensible approach.

To get Healthy, you have to CHOOSE  HEALTHY! ... unless you want to just manage your symptoms. You are not broken! Your did not inherit a lousy set of genetics - think in terms of  Your  abundant  possibility for wellness!

With the right "know how" you can bring plant-astic clean delicious nourishing foods to any gathering and get compliments!  Food is the best medicine. All your cells, bones, signaling molecules, and tissues are built from what you eat.

 For us, we began with the AIP or comonly known as the AUTOIMMUNE PROTOCOL  which begins to calm the body & mind as you lower the inflammation in your tissues.   There are 3 stages to this simple process until you may  eat & drink what you know will work for your body.  

Here, on our site you  will find clean, sugar free, gluten free and vegan meal and recipe options.  That would be in real food, not a food product  as in unprocessed as possible.

I encourage everyone to be a flexible "QUALITARIAN!" That is to be flexible and eat the highest quality of whole organic foods you can find.  Isn’t that what it’s all about? In that, I try to keep it  simple!   I know you can’t always get to an organic farmer’s market, so you’ll find most of my ingredients in your local supermarket.  And when I do find a new favorite with something unusual, I’ll make sure you know right where to get it.

I’m a Boston girl with a flare for adventure and empowering people to take control of their health. My WHY is for WELLNESS!

I was seriously ill for over 10 years - and treated for every disease except for Lyme & thyroid issues- so if you are just starting -I’ve been in your shoes.

Long ago I was told that my brain & body would not ever work again and I would need a pharmaceutical approach for the rest of my life. You may need a combo of both. Happily I found another approach to living while Happy and Healthy! Was it easy? No. Was it simple, YES!

I’m here to assist you become the healthiest version of yourself.


Our Emotions Lead our Biology


Fuel Your Mindset, Heart-set and Cellular set!

You are on a LEAP toward growth. Life can be totally messy. All of the interruptions in your life up until know has prepared you for now.  It is the amazing messy is part of your wholeness. Believing that each individual is a unique combination of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual elements, I like to remind my clients that they are “genetically coded” to be well.  Many of us will encounter trauma's or obstacles during our lives that will derail us and lead to a state of “unbalance and dis-ease."

My focus is to coach and educate clients on how to achieve and sustain healthy habits as part of a daily routine that includes eating healthy, exercising, managing  food and emotional triggers while eliminating stress, maintaining healthy relationships, and more.​

As a holistic nutritional coach I help my clients identify the triggers of autoimmunity and inflammation. 

There’s no reason to accept a lifelong medical sentence as a future. And whatever you do, do not let a healthcare practitioner tell you that’s your new normal.

Your body knows exactly what it’s doing every minute of every day. While working with systems you’ll learn to finally trust yourself, your body, and know that there IS a destination to this journey, and you’re no longer traveling on your own.

We are a family tribe. Someone to reach out to and lean on during those times you felt you couldn’t go on.  We have served as a steady source of connecting companionship for those walking a healing path. It takes courage, understanding, and knowledge to begin to heal, and that’s why our vision has always been one of spreading hope, inspiration, compassion, and healing TRUTH.

 By choosing to removing reactive foods while replenishing nutrient depletions  our amazing bodies have the ability to stop the progression of symptoms and disease. 

Browse through the site to see the variety of services offered to help you achieve your goals. Prepare to become infused with a bit of sunshine and sass to become delightfully healthy and amazing you!

Doctor adjusting balance on weighing scale

In order to feel and look your best, and to live your best life, you have to be putting the right fuel into your body. Whether that means making a few small but critical tweaks and adjustments, or a major transformation, I am passionate about sharing that knowledge with you, supporting you with anything you may need, and helping you develop skills so that you are empowered to take care of your health for the rest of your life!

When you work with me, we will take the best and latest scientific research and combine it with your unique needs to develop a healthy lifestyle plan. With the correct nutrition as a base, we will also incorporate nutrigenomics, mindful eating techniques, stress management and supportive sleep tips, in addition to helping you bring the fun and passion of food and eating into your busy life!




Joylin Barry is a certified professional Holistic Nutritionist who specializes in Nutrition and Nutrigenomics. Joylin is always there for guidance and to reinforce healthy lifestyle habits. She became a citizen scientist to uncover the truth in regards to the "why" behind her own illness.

 Believing that when your Heatlh & wellness is on the line you have to become an expert.  You are entitled to answers! 

Believing that each individual is a unique combination of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual elements, Joylin reminds her clients that they are “genetically coded” to thrive.  As a botanical gardener of flowers and vegetable , she understands what is happening beneath the surface in your body,  is ever so important and vital to the outcome of your health.   Many have encountered obstacles during their lives that will often derail and lead to a state of “unbalance & dis-ease." 

Joylin's focus is to coach and educate clients on how to achieve and sustain healthy habits as part of a daily routine that includes eating healthy, exercising, managing triggers and eliminating stress, maintaining healthy relationships, and more. 

Joylin  empowers  her clients to achieve optimal and lasting health by addressing any imbalances caused by improper nutrition, a stressful lifestyle, poor sleep quality, a lack of exercise, and more importantly identify what is the source of ill health.

My Vision for wellness

I believe health is about prevention while enjoying a life full of energy, vitality, and peak wellness.


Health isn’t just about having a yearly exam and finding out all of your “labs” are within the “normal” range, while still having persistent symptoms.


I love assisting  those that  are tired of being unwell, and tired of traditional approaches.


 Nutrition and Nutrigenomics  activates our own genetics.  Discovering research in what works well, my vision is to share my experience and expertise.

My own unique experience drives my vision. An Everyday Amazing  life experience is built to protect, empower and prevent oxidative stress accumulation while giving you the very best in wellness, weight loss, anti-aging  strategies. Having overcome my own health issues is why  I love doing what I do.


How did I get here? WIth loving observation! I simply started paying attention to my feelings. My habit was to turn to food when lonely, scared, frustrated, angry, overwhelmed and isolated.   I thought food would relieve those symtoms. As I noticed and became aware of what was driving the "hunger" I was able to acknowledge that those "go to foods"i left me bloated, tired,  achy, brain foggy, irratable, depressed and exhausted. I began to learn about life giving whole food that rebooted my system and gave me energy and more life! 

I learned as we get older  we consume too much, too often – our body just can’t seem to process this as efficiently as it used to when we were young! It is almost like our own natural built-in filter or detox system (our liver) gets overloaded and toxic !


For me, cutting back on animal protein/ white sugar/ white flour/and all processed foods was like rebooting the system. It allowed my body a break, letting it “catch up” with its inner cleaning. 

Eating more plant-based meals, with lots of healthy fruits and veggies, whole grains, plant-based proteins, allowed my body to do what it naturally does… balance and heal itself.

Research shows that the plant-based diet lower cholesterol, lowers inflammation, lowers blood pressure, reduces cancer risk, lowers heart disease and is the least taxing on the environment.

  Not to mention the animals!  There is even research out there that states that eating vegan for a 3 month period can actually change your genetic profile! Don’t take my word for it, please do your own research and see for yourself.

And while we take this “break” our bodies become better able to absorb all the good clean nutrients we are putting into them. After a few weeks I discovered in the process, I start to actually crave these clean foods because I feel better, sleep better and  began to have way more energy.

So for me my formula is to cook –   meals from scratch. This is KEY. Fresh and nourishing matters!

  Whenever I feel busy and overwhelmed, the tired and sluggish  begins to happen.   I go back to the formula  and “reboot”. My full formula is meditation, spiritual practices, excersise and personal development and growth. (put in link to meditation)

Let's be real, On occasionally I  splurge because I really don’t believe in depriving one’s self of all life’s pleasures. My splurges are healthy and rejuvenating!  For example, in the past I really loved ice-cream. But I realized as I made a habit of it,  it became an unhealthy addiction. Dairy made me feel bloated and irritable. I did not know at the time I was contributing to my own depression.  Most market ice-cream is loaded with sugar & chemicals.  I decided I would make it healthy, delicious and non-dairy which is super good! Oh yeah, vegan ice cream! ( Link to red bean ice-cream recipe) 

When I first started it was Slow.  I had to get the weight out of my head so I would not crash back into the old habits. As I put the system in place I lost weight for the first time in years without the old standard of eating less and excersising more! 

At first,  it was that slow. In the beginning  I felt rewarded because my energy  levels sored.  When I nourished my body I felt energetic during the day and slept better at night. After several months,  my unhealthy cholesterol markers also went down along with my inflammation levels. I’m not promising miracles here, certain action steps are needed. However I think if you give it a try, you may be pleasantly surprised- like I was.

 I lay out a list of things to begin your journey. Please don’t feel like you have to do ALL these things in the first week (unless you really want to jumpstart your body).  I’ve found that lasting success comes from gradually and gently incorporating these changes into your lifestyle so they become a more lasting habit. This is key.

Weight will come off a little more slowly, but this is a good thing, and this way it will most likely last. So go ahead and start with just one or two things this week. Then next week add another, and then another the following week so it’s not so overwhelming or dramatic. This is not intended to be a “diet”, but rather a lifestyle change for increased energy, vibrancy and gradual weight loss, with a “jumpstart” option if you are so inclined.

My  focus is directed on how all of our daily choices impact our cellular health. Our epigenetic destiny is of far greater impact than the genetics we may have inherited. The decisions we make, directly and indirectly have direct impact on our DNA.  The question becomes- are you biohacking or hijacking your health with your current lifestyle choices?

-Joylin Barry

 Browse through the site to see the variety of services offered

to help you achieve your goals.



Our actions shape the way we will be experiencing our health. 

​Our thoughts create our reality. Your Health should be your main priority.

Lifestyle interventions are often  ignored by mainstream medicine. 

Our emotions fuel our biology.

Biohacking is  new in self care science.

I  can show you simple strategies to optimize wellness. 

When you shift from stress, trigger foods and toxic emotions to simple self-care concepts—

vulnerabilities and symptoms resolve, and autoimmune symptoms often are eliminated.


Healthy vegetable smoothie and juice_ Se

Benefits of Juicing

Cell to Soul Nourishment

Autoimmune triggers

The Guidance You Need

Delicious Choices

A Healthier You



Nutrigenomics and  provides a method for re-balancing the body’s underlying physiological systems and addressing lifestyle issues that contribute to illness. When this is done your biology’s inherent healing forces are unleashed and chronic illness may be resolved naturally.

Nutrigenomics has proven that there is a way to hack our body to once again work like it is supposed to. Slow down your aging process and halt the hundreds of degenerative, oxidative-caused diseases.

As a Holistic Nutritional Coach, I am alway looking for the very best

 products to recommend to my clients, friends and family. I was absolutely thrilled when I discovered LifeVantage and their incredible Scientific researched products.


LifeVantage's breakthrough product, was developed by a world renowned scientist Dr. Joe McCord. He discovered the anti-aging enzyme Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) over 40 years ago and has devoted his life to the study of free radicals and their

relationship to aging. 

Protandim, a combination of 5 herbs, regenerates the youth in your genes and takes your cell age to that of a 20 year old in just 30 days!  Protandim is the only product clinically proven to slow down cell aging by an average of 40% lowering oxidative stress.  

Medical Universities worldwide are funding their own trials using Protandim on diseases like arthritis, hypertension, skin cancer, optic neuropothy, liver disease, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, asthma, periodontal diseasemetabolic syndrome, MS and more.

Protandim re-"GENE"-erates youth at its source by reversing cell aging in your genes —where your DNA is damaged. I firmly believe in the power of this revolutionary breakthrough in anti-aging. Learn from this 9 minute investigative report on  ABC PRIMETIME LIVE.  Health is being

restored. Inflammation is being calmed. This is all achieved naturally and safely.


Change Your Gene expression

Protandim BENEFITS

  • Reduces oxidative stress by 40% in just 30 days*

  • Significantly reduces cellular stress through Nrf2 activation*

  • Produces enzymes capable of neutralizing more than 1,000,000 free radicals**

  • Helps to regulate survival genes*

  • Helps the body repair and rejuvenate its own cells*

  • Helps the body detoxify genes, keeping the master blueprint of the cell’s function intact*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Compared to the free radical scavenging capacity of 2g of Vitamin C.


All Of Us!

For the last 10 years we have been using cutting edge science to push biological possibilities. No matter who you are or what your goals might be, Biohacking can help you maximize your potential by optimizing your brain and body. We work with anyone looking to improve their health spanner better cognitive and physical performance.

Personalized Nutrition + Genomics = Nutrigenomics

Nutrigenomics concerns how the food you consume affects the gene expression (genes being turned on or off) while nutrigenetic's is how your genetic variations affect response to nutrients (your ability to use certain nutrients such as vitamins, for example). Technically these terms are very different, however, many practitioners combine both meanings and use the term collective term –  nutrigenomics.

Why Nutrigenomics is of Importance?

  • FOOD = INFORMATION, your genes respond to your dietary choices and understanding how exactly this

  • happens may guide a more precise nutrition and lifestyle

  • recommendations. 

  • Your genotype may determine food

  • choice-related disease and or disease risks.

  • Specific dietary changes may be used for treatment and or prevention of a particular health condition.

What Is Epigenetics?
Epi means “above” and epigenetic's is concerned with how the external environment and or factors affect the  the expression of genes (without actually changing the genetic code). Nutrigenomics is a branch of epigenetics and thus both are concerned with how the external factors (environment and food) affect the gene expression, turning genes “on” or “off.” The easiest way to think about epigenetic's is: “genes load the gun and the environment, food choices, toxins, stress levels then pull the trigger” “

Getting personal with your DNA (genes) and knowing what you do not know may empower you to finally understand why is that no matter what you have tried, is not getting you the results, even though you have been diligent with your dietary and lifestyle choices. Perhaps the “healthy” choices you have made are not optimally healthy for your body, or maybe your genetic makeup does not allow for utilization of certain nutrients you are consuming and your metabolism is just not functioning at its optimum.


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Don't live near by? No problem! Over 90% of my nutrition counseling is via phone, Facetime, or ZOOM. I am happy to help you, no matter where in the world you live. 

Due to high demand, please keep in mind that I book several weeks in advance.

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Specializing in a new science called Nutrigenomics;  we partner with researchers, testing, and creating products to address the biochemical effects of aging, with the ultimate goal of biohacking the human body to live longer – much, MUCH longer.

We agree with leading researchers that extending human life is inevitable, but we believe in order to enjoy that increased lifespan, we need to lengthen our health-span. This science doesn’t just help you feel good, it lets you enjoy life—which also helps you feel good.


We use "Activators" for better health, better lives, and a better world. We’re using groundbreaking science, combined with a mix of  prosperity & personal growth practices to achieve the optimum you! We tie it all together with a  sophisticated entrepreneurship to make life a little better experience for everyone if you choose.

We believe working to extend life comes with a responsibility to make that life worth living. And in that, physical and financial health go hand in hand. We give people both with groundbreaking products and the best entrepreneurial experience all around. No complications, just the freedom to work on your own terms. Sharing products you’ve had a personal experience with.


-We have but one life.  How are we going to make it matter?   We are able to mentor and empower those close to us so they can then leave a legacy and build a strong foundation. Or we choose to be a victim , someone who is at the effect of their circumstances and not empowered by them! 

We want show others there is  a choice of how we experience life to the max and that is not to suffer with debilitating health issues! Living longer will not make you happy, but living happy will allow you to live longer!


-We have but one life.  How are we going to make it matter. If we choose to operate in a high vibration of our highest self using the best tools available to us in daily practices - we are able to mentor and empower those close to us so they can then leave a legacy and build a strong foundation. Or we choose to be a victim , someone who is at the effect of their circumstances and not empowered by them! 

We want show others there is  a choice of how we experience life to the max and that is not to suffer with debilitating health issues! Living longer will not make you happy, but living happy will allow you to live longer!


Everything Austism

inflammation is at the core of most common health & brain issues and yes causes cognitive issues from gut to brain. From mild symptoms such as weight gain and fatigue on one end, to hormone imbalance and autoimmune conditions on the other. How you and your children feel is constantly and dynamically being influenced by every meal we make, and every stressful interaction. Every food you eat is either feeding inflammation or fighting it. Because no one else is you, the foods that work well for someone else may not be right for your body. The Autistic Spectrum is understood now as the Inflammation Spectrum.(https://medicalxpress.com/news/2019-10-inflammation-autisman-important-piece-puzzle.html) (https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/321566.php#1)

I am about  you learning to love your body with food.    There is only one you. Treasure and love yourself enough to nourish it with delicious, healing foods. Our empowering advice will put you on a path toward food freedom and overall wellness

Latest research:



nflammation is also an active player in the autistic brain long after birth. Brain-tissue studies of people with ASDs frequently show widespread inflammationPatterns of elevated brain cytokinesTrusted Source have been observed to be similar to those in autoimmune disease. Inflammatory cytokines in spinal fluid and blood are higher in people with ASDs as well.

Overactive immune systems respond aggressively to stress—flooding the body with chemical messengers. Researchers at Tufts University have proposed that in people with ASDs, this flood releases hormones that activate special cells in the brain—mast cells and microglia—that normally fight infection. Their activation results in local inflammation. Over time, this inflammation can cause damage to surrounding cells.

Up to a third of people with autism also develop seizure disorders—the rate of seizures in people with autism is 10 times higher than in the general population. Although more data is needed, some researchers have suggestedTrusted Source that seizures in autistic individuals may have an origin in brain inflammation. Treating this inflammation may aid in better seizure control.

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